GETS Technology is delivered as a SaaS which is short for Software as a Service.

How we charge for our technology is based on:

  1. The number of Functions and Features you wish to use to operate your system.
  2. The number of  CAL's  (Clients Access License's) which are active users* that are eligible to trade in your system.

Can I Upgrade?

Yes. When you're growing and you reach the number of active members that your license supports, or you need more features and functions, all you need to do is upgrade.
After you have determined the best GETS Program for your Exchange, select the GETS License option below and contact us for a    Demo and Price

The package options are based on the number of features and active users/member accounts you want. Remember that if you don’t see what you are looking for, GETS can provide you with custom features you need with our Pick-and-Mix options and flat rates to add more active CAL's (Client Access Licenses)*.

*Active users means trading members whose "memberships status" is marked as Active.

Bronze LICENSE Features

Gets you going and is designed to keep your costs to a minimum while still giving you the functions required to create transactions and provide statements and necessary reports. It uses the GETS standard website design to which you can add your Exchange identity and colors. 

Bronze has approx 20 features including  see full list  

  •   Online accounts for members to access.
  •   The ability to process trade transactions online.
  •   Online monthly statements.
  •   Installation & setup £200.
  •   Monthly fee starts @ £50.


Includes all of the functions and features of the Bronze license with the addition of a very robust and attractive online marketplace feature and introduces useful administration functions around fee payment processing.

Silver has approx 30 features including  see full list

  •   On online marketplace.
  •   On online directory.
  •   Credit Card processing.
  •   Installation & setup £300.
  •   Monthly fee starts @ £100.


Includes all of the functionality of the Bronze and Silver license, but also provides you with a wide range of features like the ability to design and send marketing messages via email directly from the system, some customizable branding, basic accounting functions to keep track of fees due, a mapping system so members can locate other members conveniently and more.

Gold has approx 85 features including  see full list

  •   Design templates for email marketing,
  •   Auto authorizations,
  •   Accounting for fees,
  •   Geodata mapping.
  •   Installation & setup £500.
  •   Monthly fee starts @ £200.




Includes all of the functionality of the Gold license and introduces the power of the mobile cell phone by enabling a mobile website interface for transactions on-the-go. It also includes a facility that allows members to provide feedback about their buying and selling experience with other members and enables members to select other members who can see their offers. Also important is a facility to help manage internal Exchange functions such as sales commissions and trade coordinator (trade broker) management.

Platinum has approx 120 features including - see full list

  •    Mobile cell phone interface,
  •    Buyer/seller feedback system,
  •    Commision reporting,
  •    Sales management and broker management.
  •    Installation & setup £POA.
  •    Monthly fee starts @ £POA.


Includes all of the functionality of the platinum license but allows for your own hosted instance (or Cloud Hosting) and is ready-made for advanced future trading functions such as Loyalty Exchange Rewards and Swipe cards. This package allows for multiple Exchange identities and access to the GETS source code so you are able to change the style and look of pages in the system.

Diamond has approx 200+ features  see full list

  •   Own instance hosted on deciated servers,
  •   Loyalty Exchange programs,
  •   Swipe card processing,
  •   Access to GETS Technology source code.
  •   Installation & setup £POA.
  •   Monthly fee starts @ £POA.

Constantly Evolving
There’s no standing still at GETS. We used the .NET infrastructure because we know that the goods and services Exchange business is constantly changing to suit the needs of the business communities we serve. Not to mention the need to take advantage of the incredible opportunities presented by new technology.

Let's Grow Together

We welcome the ideas and suggestions from our clients regarding how the system can be improved – especially those that will allow all GETS users to trade easily with each other. We’re in it to grow it.


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