Because there are so many features & functions available to pick from, GETS has designed five possible starting points for your Exchange network. They were created with the various stages of Exchange development in mind. If you do not feel that your Exchange fits into one of these packages, then you are free to “pick-and mix” features.

As close as it comes to custom, GETS has an extensive menu of Exchange features and functions that you can pick from to make-up your Exchange system. And that menu is available to you at any time (not just when you first become a GETS user). So, if you start using GETS with a very basic Bronze license and decide to add more functionality down the road, it’s easy to do.

Pricing for most features
 can be discounted if purchased as one of the licensed packages contact us for a  Demo and Price

All GETS Techology feature options include the cornerstone tools that support responsible credit issuing and transparency of your system to all members.

After you determine the appropriate technology features below, match it up with an appropriate GETS Program.

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