Create and Grow a System that Taps into the Wealth of Your Community

More and more communities are realizing the powerful potential they hold to positively impact the people that live and work in them.

Establishing community credit-clearing - or complementary currency - is one of those ways.

The Untapped Wealth of Your Community

GETS Plus is committed to providing you or your community with our experience, knowledge, guidance, standards, and technology to give your project the best chance of lasting impact and long-term success.

It’s Important to GET it Right

It’s unfortunate, but individuals and communities that initiate a currency system without obtaining the necessary knowledge, planning or tools can actually do more harm than good, and have a high risk of failure.

This can lead to Supporters of a system being disappointed, and in some cases businesses can be unwittingly taken advantage of. GETS Plus provides the process and the tools that enable you to launch a secure and solid system, built on a sound strategy and proper alignment of our resources with your resources.

And It’s Important to Make it Your Own

A community currency that is initiated using GETS Plus is a community currency that you can call your own.

It’s independent too - not a system that is circulating someone else’s currency.

GETS Plus will provide you with a ‘White Label Solution’ that bears the name and brand that your community will recognize.

If a Local Currency Project is your Vision, think about the GETS Plus Community-Builder or the Start-up Exchange option.

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