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A New and Free Open Marketplace for Exchanges and their Members to Trade.  

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The MiTi Marketplace (Marketplace Integration Trading Initiative) has launched a Trading Platform which provides a revolutionary way for Trade Exchanges and Traders (typically known as Barter Company) to trade n a day to day basis, by offering them a unique and cost effective way to globalize their Exchange and their Members products and services.

It is estimated that there are more than 500 commercial Trade Exchanges worldwide, typically providing a B2B Trading service to hundreds of thousands of SME’s. The Majority of these Trade Exchanges are usually locally or regionally based, with no affiliations with other Trade Exchanges and/or with a limited opportunity to reach a larger global market, outside of their own.

The MiTi Marketplace has now solved all this, by providing Trade Exchanges with a simple and effective way to Market and Promote their Member offers and wants to a global marketplace via MiTi.

MiTi traders will have the added benefit of accessing its fully compressive database of over 300 commercial trading systems.

MiTi in simple terms is a collaborative collection point of offers and wants from Trade Exchanges around the world.

With the aid of a simple Administration Dashboard, Trade Exchanges can individually select offers and items for sale from the Members of other Trade Exchanges worldwide, and then offer them to their own members, to source or buy via the Exchanges own marketplace, without the risk or need for their Members to have a Membership with other Trade Exchanges.

The MiTi Marketplace also has the ability to feed in and out the offers and wants from hundreds of thousands of Members from Trade Exchanges worldwide. This allows Trade Exchanges to add value to their existing marketplace, providing a new source of global offers and wants. Plus it also offers their members the ability to reach out and promote their own products and services to a truly global marketplace community via the MiTi Marketplace.

By having a wider source of offers and wants for their members to trade, or a way for their members to be able to reach and promote to a wider and global market, members will become more engaged with their Exchanges, become more loyal and ultimately trade more, thus generating better returns for Exchange operators.

So in essence the MiTi Marketplace is a Win-Win not only for the Exchange Operators but for their Members as well.

The MiTi Marketplace offers Exchange Operators and their Members “MiTi Opportunities to Trade”.


MiTi is a inventory sharing system
MiTi is not a credit clearing system.
MiTi can be Branded with your Exchange's name.
You can embed MiTi RSS Boxes into your existing Website, Blogs. Mobile Apps and MS Outlook.  
You can select who you share your marketplace with while still using your current software platform.


MiTi uses RSS feeds to exchange data this allows you to share your marketplace regardless of the trading platform you use.
Working in Partnership
The aim of MiTi is to help COLLABORATION  not COMPETITION  for Trade Exchanges.
We can brand the Global Marketplace Exchange Feeds as your Exchange’s own Global Marketplace.


  1. You control WHAT offers you put on MiTi
  2. You control WHO can see or access your offers
  3. You control WHAT offers your members see
  4. Receive the latest OFFERS directly into MS Outlook
  5. Receive the latest OFFERS directly into your Website
  6. Receive the latest OFFERS directly into your Mobile Apps
  7. Receive the latest OFFERS directly into your Facebook etc..
  8. MiTi uses RSS FEEDS (Really Simple Syndication)
  9. MiTi can send RSS FEEDS OUT to any Exchange platform*
  10. MiTi can accept RSS FEEDS IN from any Exchange platform*


To Connect your exchange to The MiTi Marketplace is there a connection fee of £100 and £50 per year per connection feed, these feeds automatically update every 4 hours.

If you require a  styled BRANDED  RSS Box  (with your name at the top) see samples here, there is an additional  £50 setup fee per box.

Additional RSS feeds can be by category such as: Travel, Advertising, Restaurants, Shopping, Gift Certificates, Products and Services,  

If you want information on how your members can access the Global Marketplace Exchange then contact us today


US +1 (602) 412 3082
Tel: UK +44 1224 574 123
*Subject to terms and conditions.


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