GETS Vision & Philosophy

A Community of Sustainable Credit-Clearing Systems and a Culture of Mutual Responsibility  

More and more communities are realizing the powerful potential they hold to positively impact the people that live and work in them. Establishing community credit-clearing – or complementary currencies – is one of those ways. GETS Plus stewards you or your community to build a credit-clearing system that is responsible and sustainable. We do this by providing a combination of leading-edge technology, customized strategy and planning, proven processes, and set standards.

GETS Plus is stewarding a culture that promotes sustainable, mutually-owned credit-clearing communities that flourish, collaborate and expand.

When a strong community gets behind a good idea, good things can happen. But just as important is making those good things matter…and making them last. It has to go beyond just a novel idea or a cool marketing pitch. This is particularly true when establishing a community currency.

Many believe that possessing the right credit-clearing technology is the key, but that’s only part of the challenge. We believe that as important is operating with accepted standards of practice, and shared ownership and responsibility.

Standards – Trust, Transparency & Collaboration

Introducing a credit-clearing system is nothing short of establishing a new economy that operates alongside the existing cash economy. It’s exciting, but extremely complex. If not properly launched and administered, many businesses can be harmed by a community’s attempt to help.

Baked-in to the GETS Technology are standards that are not in any other system. For example, Transparency of your system and Credit-Issuing to your members - both follow set processes that have been established from proven and ethical practices. These very processes are not only in our instruction for you, but also in our technology. These are just a few examples. GETS Plus delivers education and planning on many concepts and processes so that a common set of sustainable standards is being followed. That way, credit-clearing communities that subscribe to the GETS method will be recognized as communities that are trusted, sustainable, and in-step with a shared vision.

We think that’s pretty powerful!

GETS Plus promotes the following Core Standards

  • Transparency of your system with your members.
  • Responsible credit-issuing based on sound principles.
  • Compliance with local and federal laws.
  • Operating to a Code of Ethics.
  • Operating to Quality Management Procedures.

Shared Ownership & Responsibility

 “One From Many” a concept so named by Dee Hock may be the best words to describe the ultimate goal of GETS Plus. Quite simply, by creating and nurturing this new culture, we intend to establish a cooperative of GETS users that will ultimately have the opportunity to own the very technology and processes we are providing. 

Why? Because it is our Philosophy that the best systems are mutually owned and operated.


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