Setting Standards for the future

A Custodian of a New Culture

The GETS concept and GETS Technology have been developed since 2004 from Scotland in the United Kingdom by seasoned industry veterans who have been involved internationally in the B2B Trade Exchange industry since 1993.

Different from the Rest

We Scots have always challenged the status quo and have been at the forefront of innovation and invention across a wide range of spheres and inspired by our Scottish heritage GETS is leading the way in setting new Standards and developing new and unique ways to conduct cashless business. Much needs to be said about what makes GETS Technology different from the rest, but the primary difference is to be found in our Vision, Standards, Procedures and Technology.

Designed to overcome the obstacles of global trade, to simplify the administrative processes, to monitor the sales force and to report figures across every key subject are only a few of benefits you will enjoy from GETS.

Standards – Trust, Transparency

Our processes have been developed, planned and programmed by our own team dedicated to the task of producing the best possible tools for the job. And like many modern tools, it is vital that it can be adapted, modified and have accessories added to improve results in quality and efficiency. This is what the GETS Technology does!

And more than that, GETS Technology complies with a common set of operating Standards and Quality practices that support sustainability and that also align with the GETS credit-clearing philosophy. These standards and protocols have been developed in line with the requirements of ISO 9001 which is the internationally recognised standard for quality management.

Committed to Standards  

GETS are passionately committed to the creation and adoption of new Standards and Quality procedures for the industry.

In June 2012 as a result of GETS (Richard Logie) the British Standards Institute  (BSI wiki) were invited to attend the City of London  (COL wiki) Capacity Exchange roundtable meeting following on from their research and feasibility report entitled “Capacity, Trade and Credit: Emerging Architectures for Commerce and Money”. In November 2012 the British Standards Institute hosted a workshop in the United Kingdom to research the development and creation of a recognized Quality Standard for the industry.

GETS view this as an exciting step forward and are proud to be associated with the British Standard Institute, City of London and other industry professionals in the ongoing development in the future of a unique Quality Standard specifically for the capcity trade exchange industry.

Through Collaboration Connected

GETS provides the opportunity for individuals and their communities to utilize the GETS method to support their credit-clearing project. As well, GETS Plus will respond to and approach communities that have a desire to establish and nurture local commerce utilizing a locally-owned, home-grown complementary currency.

GETS Plus in the U.S.

GETS Plus, LLC in the U.S. functions as the channel through which the vision,  standards, training, and education is distributed and maintained in the United States. That channel is connected to the GETS hub in the United Kingdom.


There is an old saying; “You’ve tried the rest, now try the best”. This is definitely the case with GETS.
It is my belief that since we started using GETS in 2007, it has helped Nubarter become one of the fastest growing and best barter companies in the US.

GETS is professional and sophisticated, yet easy to use. It has many useful functions, features and reports that other systems just don’t have.

Best of all, the customer support is second to none, with the GETS team constantly communicating with us and tailoring the system to our needs.
Nubarter strives to be the best and the most innovative barter company and we need a system that reflects this goal. GETS does just that. 

Gary Field 
President of Nubarter

When we at Tradesource first decided to move our business online in 2006 , we looked at many systems. Finally, we decided GETS was the best software, and we have never looked back. Not only are we proud to be one of the first Exchanges to use GETS, but we are also proud to be part of their vision for the future of the barter industry.

Since 2006 we have seen GETS grow and mature and become integral to how we do business at Tradesource. We look forward to many more years of working together. 

Mary Ellen Rosinski
of Tradesource
IRTA Board Member


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