Enhance your NETWORK

Enhance Your Membership Benefits by Initiating Your Own Exchange

Although commonly known as Barter or Capacity Trade Exchanges, these companies are technically peer-to-peer mutual credit clearing systems. They operate using currency commonly called a Trade credits, Trade Pound & Trade Dollar, that circulates in the form of credits and debits from member to member as they buy and sell.

These systems have proven to be a powerful way to enhance a local economy and give businesses an edge by improving their cash-flow and discovering newly found business relationships.

Moreover, these systems are perfect for the green economy of today.

Link Your Members Together in an Attractive New Way

In today’s business environment many B2B membership networks seek programs to improve member retention and to add valued membership benefits - especially benefits that can positively impact the bottom line of their members. Added benefits such as: improved cash flow, new sales, increased profits and customer loyalty. A complementary currency, or trade exchange system, will do all of this.

Adding an Exchange Marketplace to Your Network can be Powerful

Existing membership networks have a special opportunity to link their members together through this attractive member benefit: a marketplace where they can exchange what they have for what they need without having to use precious cash.

But Doing it Right is Crucial

GETS Plus guides you through a feasibility study to make sure your membership has the essential elements to succeed before you begin. We then provide a comprehensive planning phase that defines the roles and activities of your team including budgets and timelines. When you are ready, we even help you launch your system.

Time for a Change or an Upgrade?

GETS Technology  provide the world’s most contemporary, user-friendly and technologically advanced trading platform to barter exchanges and complementary currency organizations around the world.

If you have never thought about a barter exchange, but think that your membership network could benefit from exchanging in this new way, GETS Technology gives you the guidance, standards, and technology you need to succeed.

Or, even if you currently operate an existing barter exchange, GETS Technology can provide a managed software solution that provides all of the features and capabilities needed to improve trading. Empower your members to do more and trade more by transitioning to GETS Technology.

We will work with you to plan your transition and market the new features and capabilities to your membership.

You will also benefit from collaboration with other barter exchange networks while still remaining independent with your own branded system through our unique ‘Whitebox Solution’..

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