GETS Applications

GETS is committed to the on-going development of 'Apps' (applications) that accommodate and compliment the business of community Peer-to-Peer Exchange.

GETS Applications "Apps"

Currently, GETS has several ‘Apps’ that have been carefully crafted to do this, and more are always in the incubator for future roll-out.

The GETS Credit Matrix System

The GETS system itself has a built in Credit Matrix Process for every members account, and with the GETS Trading Guideline Principle you will learn to gage the credit lines to issue based on these parameters, and this is simply good governance of your system.

There are fundamental, yet critical principles to be applied when establishing a credit clearing system using GETS. The fiduciary responsibility and sustainability of an Exchange system is core to the GETS Philosophy. Issuing and maintaining healthy credit lines to Exchange members is regarded as the most important role performed by an Exchange administrator.

This is one of the most important "Apps" in the GETS Technology as it enables Exchange administrators to gather accurate information and supports responsible practices in granting Lines Of Credit (LOC) to members. In essence the system makes the recommendations based on the information it gathers.

Gift Certificate Creator

You and your clients can create, print and keep track* of Gift Certificates that have been issued and redeemed, your members can also print out Gift Certificates on their own printers.
*The GETS process allows members to issue and redeem Gift Certificates in a secure and controlled environment.  

Budget Profile Planner

This is a valuable "App" that will improve your clients cash-flow as it enables them to identify the goods and services that their business might be interested in purchasing. It is important to understand that the Exchange is not treated as a savings system, it should be treated as  a purchasing system.

Focus has to be on what your members can purchase using your credit clearing system to replace their current cash expenses.

This can be a difficult concept for your members to become accustomed to – we know in their day-to-day business, their energy is focused on sales – but when they participate in an Exchange system that same energy has to be focused on purchases.

Smart Cell Phone

GETS views the Mobile cell phone as an ‘Electronic Wallet’ - the use of personal mobile devices is prolific in every society around the globe. That’s why GETS has developed an 'App' specifically for smart mobile cell phone use. Any member of your Exchange can use the 'App' on-the-go to conduct the same trading functions as though they were in front of their PC.

Custom Web Site Designs

GETS has the ability to integrate third party web site design templates so you have the flexibility to customize your Exchange website with your community’s brand and message using templates available from third party sources.

Loyalty Exchange

When your Exchange community is ready to evolve to include programs that involve the everyday consumer, GETS has an 'App' for that. Quite simply, it provides the consumer interface and back-office infrastructure needed for Exchange members (merchants) to use their community currency to fuel a loyalty rewards mechanism for cash-paying customers.

Google Earth & Google Maps

Every business wants their place on the map. GETS employs these Google tools so your Exchange members can have more than just a description and contact information – they get all that these Google tools have to offer: mapping, pictures, distances and directions. A great add-on when you are selling the benefits of joining a community Exchange network.

Satellite Navigation

GETS uses Geo-data mapping which allows members to export fellow members’ location information to their satellite navigation systems as POIs (points of interest) so that they can be identified as a fellow Exchange member while just driving by.

Social Media Share Toolbar

Keep your community Exchange in front of your community by utilizing the social media toolbar that instantly links your online Exchange to all the major social media outlets and allows you to post relevant material from social media channels directly to your online Exchange.


Many believe that possessing the right credit-clearing technology is the key, but that’s only part of the challenge. Baked-in to the GETS technology are standards that are not in any other system. For example, Transparency of your system and Credit-Issuing to your members - both follow set processes that have been established from proven and ethical practices.

These very processes are not only in our instruction for you, but also in our technology.

We believe that as a responsible administrator of a peer-to-peer mutual credit system, no matter how small, you must show your members that you take your role very seriously. The security you provide to protect their information is a measure of this and should be a selling point when speaking to members and prospective members of your exchange. We completely understand this and have built GETS to provide the highest level of online security available today that continues to evolve with ever-increasing security needs.

  • Member activity and account information is protected (IP blocking system)
  • Integrity of data is protected through storage of changed data (remove only policy)
  • Various levels of permission available for internal use

System Scalability

Every exchange network is different. Some are just starting out and some are already in business. The .NET infrastructure makes the system capable of suiting the needs of all exchanges, great and small. And also with the idea that these exchange networks will have an opportunity to do business together.

If you’re still small and just starting out, you don’t have to worry about paying for functionality that you won’t need for a while or for membership capacity that you won’t reach for some time. Because GETS is built to scale up or down, there’s a good entry point and plan for all and an easy way to add-on what you need as you grow.

Performance & Reliability

Because GETS is the backbone of Exchange networks around the globe, our clearing technology needs to perform 100% around the clock. We’ve never missed a day in five years (except for scheduled maintenance and upgrades) and that means our clients are able to focus on their business of building and growing an Exchange community, not worrying about their technology. As for keeping data secure, the GETS technology uses MS SQL server database that logs all transactions and backs-up every second. We also perform a remote back-up every 24 hours that secures your data at a remote off-site location.

Flexible Hosting Options

We also offer multiple server options that provide options to where your system is hosted. GETS can host your Exchange on our dedicated servers, or if you value your independence, GETS can create your own instance that can be hosted on your own nominated server that meets the specs required to run the GETS Technology , or If cloud computing is the way you want to go, GETS can be hosted on Microsoft’s Windows Azure Platform.

GETS & Cloud Computing with Microsoft’s Azure Platform

Windows Azure provides a scalable environment with compute, storage, hosting, and management capabilities. It links to on-premises applications with secure connectivity, messaging, and identity management.


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