As a user and subscriber to the GETS system, you will receive the following support and tools from GETS Plus to help make your training and planning a success:

1. Administration Documents:  Templates of documents required to administer an Exchange.

2. Operations Manual:  The GETS Manual includes GETS philosophy all the policies, procedures and work instructions.

3. Exchange Presentation:  Selection of 50 PowerPoint sales slides from the GETS library of 250.

4. Business Plan:  Tailor made business plan to be used for potential investors, consulting available.

5. Marketing Plan:  Designed to be used for the marketing strategy for a Trade Exchange, consulting available.

6. Cash-flow Plan:  Designed for Trade Exchange showing Income streams costs & profit, consulting available.

7. Website Design:  Website design using templates and adding own content, colours, images and logos


GETS will provide and review with you the necessary agreements to:

·         Initiate the GETS relationship to begin subsequent planning and training on GETS procedures and system technology.

·         The agreement to establish a license to use the GETS credit-clearing system technology.

·         The agreements necessary to enroll your credit-clearing system members and establish a credit issuing procedure.

·         Sample agreements you may need for hiring employees for your credit-clearing system.

 Before GETS Planning & Training: 

Depending upon the status of your exchange project, and your experience in operating a credit-clearing network, GETS may provide manuals to you prior to the planning phase. This will be determined by the response you have given to the initial fifty questions (“GETS Started”) that each potential GETS user is required to provide. In some instances, no required reading will be necessary before planning and training commence.

Planning Before Training: 

Exchange Network Analysis Document:

Together with GETS an in-depth analysis of your proposed exchange network will be completed. The analysis looks at the make-up of the businesses and industries in your proposed network and gives valuable foresight to the trading challenges that are likely to be unique to your specific network. This analysis is completed with data of your network that you provide with the instruction of GETS.  The analysis produces a document that is provided to you as an important tool in the next step: Exchange Strategy Planning.

 Exchange Network Strategy Planning Document:

GETS will facilitate and guide you through an intensive planning process that will result in a timeline for launch and the critical activities that are necessary leading-up to the launch of your exchange network. The plan will also address critical post-launch activities which many of the GETS training manuals support. The strategy planning document, along with the Exchange Analysis Document, becomes a type of business plan that you can used to approach funding sources. 

 Training Manuals (Collectively known as The Manual) 

GETS believes that each of these topics are essential for users to understand and execute. For that reason, they are distributed as separate manuals during the training phase. Collectively they make-up one Manual that GETS users should keep, refer to, and add to when GETS provides updates to procedures and protocols.


GETS Chapter # 1: How To Establish Your Critical Core of Founding Members

This chapter helps you to identify the crucial 50 “Founding Members” who will launch your exchange within your network. The manual also goes beyond just identifying the founding members, it also instructs how you should grow the exchange (expand the barter “pool”) with core products and the types of businesses to approach.


GETS Chapter # 2: Establishing Purchase Profiles of Members

It is critical to understand what is important to each trader in the exchange. This means understanding what types of products and services they will want to purchase from the network. This manual gives you the detailed format to learn these crucial facts from each member. This is especially important with Founding Members.


GETS Chapter #3: Setting-Up Your Office 

This instruction provides recommendations regarding needed equipment and specifications for effectively launching and sustaining an exchange network supported by GETS. It also covers the roles and responsibilities of the people who work to support the exchange network, how they should be compensated, and how to go about finding the right people to fill those roles.


GETS Chapter #4: Initiating the GETS Credit-Clearing Technology

You will receive instruction on how to connect and start working with the GETS trading system as the system administrator and also receive materials to provide to your members that will instruct them how to use the GETS system to begin processing their trades.


GETS Chapter #5: Launching Your Exchange Network

This chapter will give you the recommended program to effectively host and execute the all-important exchange launch with your founding members. It will show you what to send/say to Founding Members, what you will need to arrange for the launch event, how much you should budget for the event, materials you should produce and provide at the event, and what to do directly following.


GETS Chapter #6: Determining and Establishing Credit Lines for Members

Issuing credit within your exchange network is one of the most important and vital functions. It is a core requirement that that all GETS users understand and execute this role responsibly and prudently throughout the life of the exchange network. This guide will show you how to issue credit to members, how to monitor credit within your network, what to say to members about how you issue credit within the system and why you have chosen the GETS system to help you support your credit issuing procedures.


GETS Chapter #7: Implementing the GETS Reputation Rating System for Members

Equally important to prudently issuing credit to your network is understanding the trading nature of your members. This guide will help you understand how the reputation rating system works within the GETS Credit-Clearing Technology, how to implement it and how to train your members to use the rating system.


GETS Chapter #8: Materials for Training Members – Member Starter Pack

A critical function in your exchange will be educating, training, and equipping your members with needed materials. This manual shows you what should be given to members as part of your exchange network’s Primer Pack. You will then be able to produce the Primer Pack with your own branding.


GETS Chapter #9: Materials for Training the Support People – Primer and Trainer Pack

Maintaining an effective team – whether it’s a team of 1 or a team of 100 – is critically important to the sustainable nature of your exchange network. This manual gives you....


GETS Chapter #10: Marketing & PR Materials for Your Exchange Network

This chapter will provide you with recommended materials for you to approach, attract and talk to potential new traders within your exchange network and also suggested approaches to appropriate media channels.


GETS Chapter #11: Reporting to the IRS (US only)

This chapter gives you step-by step instructions and timelines that are critical to meet IRS requirements of a third-party record keeper, which your exchange network is.


GETS Chapter #12: Considering A Rewards Program For Your Exchange Network

Some exchange networks will reach a level of trading that will support a Rewards Program. This guide is simply a review of what a Rewards Program requires and some of the critical checks that must be considered before launching.


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