Prepare for Success and Growth by Implementing Standards with a Sound Plan

It’s one thing to have a dream or vision, but it’s another to define and document the actions and benchmarks needed to reach that dream.

GETS Plus provides personal planning with you or your community to determine the viability of your project and how to make it grow and be sustainable. The planning is a comprehensive process that yields a written document for you, your team, or your community to use as a step-by-step guide to achievement and success - or perhaps for funding.

Prepare to Reach Goals

The planning process requires some ‘homework’ on your part. This homework provides GETS Plus with information that will allow us to perform an analysis of the intended currency system. The analysis is then shared with you and becomes the initial starting point for the balance of the plan that we help you define.

From there, we align the resources we have with the resources you have and start on the way to success and sustainability.

Your Success is Everyone’s Success

When you become a GETS user, you become part of the GETS vision. And that means that your success is not only our success, but also the success of all fellow GETS users.

For this reason, we will not just give you tools to implement standards; we also stand-by you and provide support and guidance along the way.

Coaching & Accountability

Every plan we provide for our GETS users is followed-up at 30-days, 45-days, and 60-days with a thorough review. During these reviews we revisit the projects and goals that were identified in your plan. And depending on how much you need from GETS Plus, we can also be available in between reviews for whatever you need to succeed.

To get started Contact GETS Plus to initiate our free evaluation form. When you complete it and send it back, we will make it a point to respond with your next steps to get started with GETS Plus.


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