240+ Features

Discover and benefit from the huge wealth of knowlegde and experience that has gone into crafting the tools & 240+ features built into the GETS Technology. 


Many people believe GETS creates new standards and is the best trade credit clearing technology available today.
Do you want to know why?


The built-in processes in GETS Technology make the most of your time and will increase the profits of your Exchange by maximising your efficiency.


Microsoft’s .NET Framework provides a comprehensive and consistent platform for building applications, seamless, secure  with scalable performance.



GETS is built for the next generation of Capacity Trade Exchange Clearing Systems that is as robust as any system can be, yet flexible enough to accommodate any size of Capacity Exchange (barter) network.

Many believe that possessing the right credit-clearing technology is the key, but that’s only part of the challenge. Baked-in to the GETS Technology are Quality Standards and Procedures that are not in any other system.

For example, good goverance, transparency of your system and credit-issuing to your members follow set processes that have been established from proven and ethical practices.

These very processes are not only in our instruction for you, but are also included in GETS Technology.

We believe as a responsible administrator of a Capacity Exchange, no matter how small, you must be able to show your members that you take your role very seriously.

The good goverance you provide to protect their interests is a measure of this and should be a selling point when speaking to members and prospective members of your Exchange.

We completely understand this and have built GETS to provide the highest level of standards & quality procudures available today that continues to evolve with ever-increasing expectations from your members.

GETS are pioneers in creating these new Standards and Quality Procedures



The flexibility in the GETS Technology means flexibility in pricing. You’ll find many different packages with various levels to suit where you are in the development of your Exchange system.

Most importantly, it combines many years of successful Capacity Exchange management experience with the most advanced and scalable technology available today.

  • We believe that "no one size fits all" 
  • Flexible Features & Functions (see list)
  • You pay for what you use & who uses it.
  • There are over 240+ features & functions. 
  • Pick-&-Mix options to add functionality as you grow.
  • Robust online marketplace accessible via internet or cell phone.
  • Loyalty Reward functions for already thriving Exchange networks.
  • Intergrated Web services (API's) available. 
  • GETS utilizes .NET, Microsoft’s core product renowned for its security, scalability, apps & performance.

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We believe that fundamental knowledge of how to properly and responsibly operate a Capacity Trade Exchange Clearing Systems is crucial.

The GETS team has a wealth of international experience in operating B2B Trade Exchange & B2C  Loyalty Exchange systems as well as providing credit clearing technology and advice to communities, entrepreneurs and existing membership networks around the world.

GETS Plus Experiences are meant to be shared

The philosophy of GETS Plus is to concentrate on providing knowledge & products that work well and provide exciting features that will increase your trading and open-up new opportunities.

Such as:
  • Education & Training
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing Solutions
  • Technical Expertise
  • Operation Manuals
  • Standards and Procedures
  • CC Industry Knowledge 
  • Monetary Theory Knowledge
  • Exchange Technology

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